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Getting Intimate with Darren Criss

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40 reasons why i ship klaine [x]: 10. 'i'm never saying goodbye to you'

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yooooooo if you see this post it means my queue ran out which means I’m at college!!!???????? and probably very very busy and i don’t know when ill be on again bc ill be adjusting and whatnot

I’ll probs still be on twitter so if you want to find out how I’m doing or listen to me cry about Kurt Hummel then follow me at bethylberry ayyyyy


kurt hummel bedhead appreciation post

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AU:  Kurt attends a party for “breaking the ice” after getting his first job. One of the activities is to find someone with a matching food item on their note card. He gets spaghetti and has to look for meatballs. But they find him first. They spend the rest of the night together, but then Blaine disappears. After a few months Kurt finds a mysterious message on his car. {insp} | (write a ff)

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Imagine your OTP singing “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”


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twdmeme: three characters
daryl dixon

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Slowly but surely… 😁

Slowly but surely… 😁

twdmeme: three character traits
Maggie Greene + attitude

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marina + traits 

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