I may not have any special talents but I can recite every word Groot said in guardians of the galaxy

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how i deal with my feelings

  • never talk about them
  • barely acknowledge them
  • hope they go away
  • i don’t, basically
  • that’s what i’m saying
  • i do not deal with my feelings
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who can bring me back to you?

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keep singin’

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Do you have any weapons on you?

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Chord and Lea filming “A Thousand Miles”

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*stranger mentions fandom in public*


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They slipped briskly into an i n t i m a c y from which they n e v e r recovered.

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Standing back watching, there’s a moment of pain in Daryl’s eyes. He knows Beth won’t be coming out of that house. (x)

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Also expect to see Daryl fight and try to find Beth as he goes through “a whole hell of a lot” - Norman Reedus

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Come back to  m e

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She’s Alive

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Andy listing Seven Wonders of the World

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Theo knows this great dive bar just outside town.

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